Gold and Colourless Recursion in Commander


Previously, we’ve discussed some cards that allow you to interact with your graveyard but we didn’t quite have enough time to discuss the multicoloured cards, lands, and artifacts that can help with that. While it’s a shorter list than the five colours, they’re certainly cards you should consider running going forward.

Eerie Ultimatum

Eerie Ultimatum is a brand new all-star for Commander despite its difficult casting cost. A high converted mana cost coupled with a high colour restriction. Casting this card will be difficult in many mana bases that contain a higher quantity of basic lands or colourless sources, but if you can create a mana base that can reliably cast this card you’ll be winning most games where this resolves. It returns all permanents from your graveyard to the field and in Abzan, it isn’t hard to fill your graveyard with a few higher-quality Dredge cards (Golgari Grave-Troll and friends). This is an incredible new toy for Karador, Ghost Chieftain decks as well as many Abzan midrange decks.

Dance of the Manse

While it’s no Replenish, it’s certainly a new affordable option for Blue/White enchantment based decks. An easy upgrade for people playing Tuvasa the Sunlit, Hanna, Ship’s Navigator or even the more recent Alela, Artful Provocateur. Being able to use this early game for a single important enchantment or late game for what is likely most of your graveyard keeps this card playable and coming in on an incredibly low budget.

Debtors' Knell

Finally achieving a low price, Debtors' Knell is a long-standing Commander favourite. Seven mana is a high asking price but reanimating a creature a turn without any further mana cost involved will often be worth it, especially if you play at tables with a lesser amount of enchantment removal. Letting this sit around for even just one or two turns will drastically help you pull ahead and just make your opponent’s removal spells useless.

Reap the Past

While Green surely has it’s selection of cards that allows for it to recur creatures from the graveyard, this Green/Red card is certainly a strong option for spellslinger decks that don’t necessarily want the body of Eternal Witness or to loop Seasons Past. The main downside of this card is it lacks playability in the early game so you won’t want to see this until you’ve developed your board and mana significantly with a relatively solid graveyard. As far as this list goes, this is on the lower end for options but the payoff is high and the price of the card is aggressively low.

Crucible of Worlds

This is one of the most standard cards for Commander. Recurring Strip Mine, Wasteland, Ghost Quarter, any sort of utility land or even your fetch lands is absurd value. This is the same reason why Ramunap Excavator is such a format staple, but you’ll more often see Ramunap Excavator due to the fact it is both cheaper and a creature in Green. The ability to tutor for it with cards like Chord of Calling makes it an ideal card but at the same time, Crucible of Worlds fits into any non-Green decks with ease or makes itself a second copy of Ramunap Excavator in green decks for added consistency. This is certainly a card to keep around especially after its price dropped from its most recent reprint.

Elixir of Immortality

Simple, mana efficient, and built-in recursion. Elixir of Immortality helps prevent decking against mill decks and is easy enough to recur. The key issue with this is it doesn’t grant card selection or card advantage so it is certainly a harder card to recommend. The way to look at it is certainly as an answer to a specific meta as opposed to your traditional recursion.

Trading Post

A card that is easy and cheap enough to get, but the corresponding 0/1 Goat tokens are an absolute pain to get your hands on or keep enough around for the card. Once relevant in Standard, Trading Post is one of the most fun midrange cards a player can get. Creating tokens, multiple modes that can draw cards or return artifacts from your graveyard to your hand. While you’ll want a more artifact centric deck for this card to really go nuts, this is certainly a favourite of many Commander players. More players should consider running due to its modular play style and ability to even sacrifice itself to draw a card.

Buried Ruin

Remember when utility lands were mentioned with Crucible of Worlds? Well, this is the card that will keep your best artifacts coming back over and over again. It will remind your opponents that they should really be playing more Return to Dust in their Commander decks. A simple card that slots into most decks that want to take advantage of artifacts with minimal cost.

Mystic Sanctuary

Another land with minimal cost is the new Modern all-star; Mystic Sanctuary. A fetchable utility land that will let you cast your Cryptic Command (or other power instant/sorcery) again or multiple times if you can bounce or sacrifice the land with a way to replay it. Being able to get this off of a Flooded Strand or Polluted Delta is where the power in the card really comes from.

And that’s it! Multicoloured cards, artifacts, and lands have been covered! Which cards did I miss? Do you disagree with any of the options on here? Let me know in the comment section!

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