Standard Deck Tech - Esper Control - MTG Arena


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I've seen a lot of Blue/White Control Standard decks out there, but none that went into full Esper Control. So today, we're going to Magic Arena with this Esper Control deck featuring Lithoform Engine!

Starting off, we've got one of my favourite cards to come out of Zendikar Rising in Sea Gate Stormcaller. With fourteen two cmc spells like Heartless Act, Revitalize, Frantic Inventory, and Agonizing Remorse, Sea Gate Stormcaller can accrue us so much value that our opponents can't keep up. We have other pieces of card advantage in the form of Mazemind Tome and Sea Gate Restoration. We've got Shatter the Sky, and thanks to the inclusion of Black, Extinction Event. But what we really want to do is start copying cards with Lithoform Engine. Copying our Sea Gate Restorations, Hagra Maulings, and Ashiok, Nightmare Muse activations will put us so far ahead that there's no way our opponents could catch up to us.

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