Standard Deck Tech - Temur Ultimatum Ramp - MTG Arena


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With the banning of Omnath, Locus of Creation in Standard, a lot of people thought that ramp would be dead. I'm here to tell you it's still kicking, with Temur Ultimatum Ramp!

The key payoff card for Temur Ultimatum Ramp is, of course, Genesis Ultimatum. This deck has a ton of great targets to hit, even without Omnath, Locus of Creation. Terror of the Peaks can win games by itself and does massive damage with multiple on the battlefield. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon usually causes your opponent to concede and wonder where things have gone wrong in their Magic playing life. Even Beanstalk Giant can often be too large for your opponent to deal with. Don't forget Lotus Cobra still being in the deck, helping you ramp into Genesis Ultimatum a few turns quicker than should be allowed.

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