July 30, 2014

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Team MTG Canada!

Meet Team MTGCanada For Pro Tour Magic 2015!



Name: Ben Moir
Modo Name: Piggy12
Hometown: Ottawa, Canada
Occupation: Funemployed
Invitation Source: PTQ win
Notable Finishes: GP Detroit Top 8, GP Toronto Top 8
Favourite Magic set: Lorwyn
Favourite Format: Modern
Strengths: Overgrown Tomb
Weaknesses: Steam Vents
Favourite Card From M15: Chord of Calling
Hall of Fame Pick: Guillaume Wafo-Tapa


Raymond Perez

Name: Ray Perez
Age: 24
Modo Name: RayFuturePro
Hometown: Lansing, MI
Occupation: Environmental Services Tech 1 and 2/MTG Grinder
Invitation Source: PTQ Win
Notable Finishes: 11th PT Dublin, 37th PT Valencia, 24th GP DC
Favourite Magic Set: Invasion
Favourite Format: Block Constructed
Strengths: Being a work horse in any given format, reading draft signals correctly, great technical play
Weaknesses: Not playing the right deck in any given format, not getting enough sleep before any larger event, being able to brew new decks
Favourite Card From M15: Chord of Calling
Hall of Fame Pick: Saito



Name: Andrew Huska
Age: 22
Modo Name: LickNsticK
Hometown: Red Deer, Alberta
Occupation: Machinist/Professional Durdler
Invitation Source: GP Top 8
Notable Finishes: Finalist GP Minneapolis, Top 32 GP Vancouver 2011 Won a PTQ
Favourite Magic Set: Ravnica: City of Guilds
Favourite Format: Extended 7th/invasion forward
Strengths: Thinking outside the box, not tilting, willingness to learn, theorizing
Weaknesses: technical play can slip, sometimes play a little fast and don't think through all the lines
Favourite Card From M15: soul of shandarlar
Hall of Fame Pick: Chris Pikula even if he isn't eligible anymore



Name: Deshaun Baylock
Modo Name: darkneess
Hometown: Kalamzoo, Michigan
Occupation: Student
Invitation Sourse: PTQ Win
Notable Finishes: 103 Valencia PT, Top 8 GPDC, 2 SCG Legacy Top 8's, 5 Ptq Top 8s, 23rd GP Cin, Top 64 GP Cin
Favourite Magic Set: Jace
Favourite Format: Formats with Jace
Strenghts: Playing Control/Aggro-Control
Weakness: Limited. And limited.
Favorite Card From M15: Ulcerate
Hall of Fame Pick: Saito



Name: Daniel Fournier
Age: 22
Modo Name: tirentu
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Student
Invitation Source: GP Montreal
Notable Finishes: 12th GP Toronto, 3rd GP Montreal
Favourite Magic Set: Innistrad (Delver)
Favourite Format: Legacy
Strengths: Quick thinking, almost always have a good read on what an opponent is thinking. Weaknesses: I struggle with complicated decisions when under pressure.
Favourite Card From M15: Island. Aside from that, Polymorphist's Jest.
Hall of Fame Pick: Saito and Mihara.



Samuel Tharmaratnam

Name: Sammy T
Age: 28
Modo Name: OnePercenter
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Occupation: Pharmaceutical Marketer
Invitation Source: Silver Invite
Notable Finishes: 46th PT Atlanta 2014, 22nd PT Theros 2013, 50th PT Paris 2011, 5th GP Miami 2013, 10th GP Richmond 2013, 10th GP Pittsburgh 2011, 11th GP Toronto 2010, a bunch GP Top 64s and 32s.
Favourite Magic Set: Lorwyn
Favourite Format: Modern Strengths: I keep an open mind and thinks everything through. Weaknesses: Not devoting enough time to Magic due to other commitments.
Favourite Card From M15: Chord of Calling
Hall of Fame Pick: Jamie Parke



Name: Sean Gifford
Modo Name: Blinky010
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Occupation: Engineer
Invitation Source: PTQ Victory in Bozeman, Montana (Yoink!)
Notable Finishes: 8 PTQ Top 8s, Top 64 at GP Calgary
Favourite Magic set: Rise of the Eldrazi
Favourite Format: Modern
Strengths: Metagame analysis
Weaknesses: Grand Prix
Favourite Card From M15: Spirit Bonds
Hall of Fame Pick: Paul Rietzl




Name: Ian Robertson
Age: 24
Modo Name: iwalrus
Shirt Size: Medium
Hometown: Calgary
Occupation: Business Analytics
Invitation Source: Top 4 GP Montreal
Notable Finishes: Top 4 GP Montreal
Favourite Set: Ravnica
Favourite Format: Limited
Strengths: Assessing cards
Weaknesses: Deckbuilding Overthinking, Constructed testing
Favourite Card from M15: Chord of Calling
Hall of Fame Pick: Antoine Ruel