July 23, 2014

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Team Wizard's Tower - GP Boston

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Team Wizard's Tower for GP Boston will feature 7 players from the Ottawa, Ontario region - we'll all be making the trip down to Boston to battle in the Modern Grand Prix this weekend. Ottawa's finest will be battling, trying to look a bit better in comparison to Ben Moir - one of Canada's top players!

In addition, many of Team MTGCanada's players will be battling this weekend - looking to score some last minute pro points for this season!

I will be updating the page with decklists from the players as well as updates on our performance (as best I can)! For now, the confirmed players are:

Ben Moir (Team MTGCanada Member)
Phil Samms
Brad Young
Justin Reardon
Ted McCluskie
Andrew Noworaj
Mike Brierly
Sammy Tee (Team MTGCanada Member)
Daniel Fournier (Team MTGCanada Member)
Morgan McLaughlin (Team MTGCanada Member)
Ray Perez (Team MTGCanada Member)
Morgan McLaughlin (Team MTGCanada Member)

Make sure to keep an eye on the coverage and cheer us on!


Some thoughts from the players:

Ted: Was just gonna play Splinter Twin up until about 11:30pm the night before.. then Phil recommended this deck and so I played it. It's super powerful and a ton of fun to maneuver. It does seem a bit prone to mulligans, and without Birthing Pod in play, it can be somewhat inconsistent

Phil: Modern sucks

Thoughts From the Players:

Justin: I am a Robot, therefore I do not have thoughts, only processes

Thoughts From the Players

Brad: Although my finish was nothing special, I wouldn't change anything about the deck - it's pretty perfect
Ben: Overgrown Tomb!

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