July 14, 2016

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Budget Brews: 12 Post

Hello all and welcome to this weeks Budget Brews! Winning is nice, but it isn't our main goal here at Budget Brews, instead we just try and have some fun! We tackle a few different ways to build here at Budget Brews, we either look at trying to make the more competitive decks cheaper on the wallet, or we just come up with something new that's easy on the wallet!

With Standard getting ready for a new set to drop, there's not much brewing going on and prices are all a little crazy, so while this is normally a Standard Budget Brew week, we're going to wait for things to settle down and the new set to release to get some solid numbers on prices to make sure I'm able to bring you the most accurate pricing of my brews. So, instead of Standard I'm going to take a look at Legacy.

Yeah, Legacy is something that's a bit on the harder side to budget brew, but it's definitely possible to sleeve something up on the cheap and play at your LGS. It's something I've dabbled with before here on Budget Brews, and it's something I'm going to keep on doing. This week I'm going to look a big mana strategy that Modern Tron players are going to love:

12 Post!


The “actual” deck uses Vesuva but the deck also makes enough mana for the two-mana ability on Thespian's Stage to be of little consequence so, there's no reason not to play it as a budget option.

With these three lands combined you're able to tap each Cloudpost you have in play for up to 12 mana.

Beat that, Urza.

It's the same sort of game plan that you see with Green-Red Tron in Modern. Make massive amounts of mana and dominate the board. You get to largely ignore what the opponent is doing while you do your own thing, and while we're not playing a Karn or anything like that we do still have plenty of game in a meta like Legacy.

All told the deck comes in right around $140CAN if you buy it through WizardTower.com, or about 60TIX if you're looking to dabble in some Legacy on MTGO.

How do we make the deck better? Well Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger or Emrakul, the Aeons Torn would be a good start. While the Colossus of Akros is a prettty big creature in his own right, I'd feel a little funny showing up somewhere other than my LGS getting ready to do some battle with him.

Other than that Vesuva is a strict upgrade to Thespian's Stage and if you can afford them, or already have them laying around I'd recommend sleeving them up instead.

Other than that, if you play Tron in Modern you already have some this deck already! Though, I don't know if you'll ever want to play this sort of strategy without Crop Rotation ever again. The card really is great, letting you find whichever utility land or Locus you need to find and put it onto the field all at instant speed.

Dredge got you down? WHAM! Bojuka Bog. Opponent took out one of your Expedition Maps? BAM! Buried Ruin is coming right up.

The threats in the deck seem a little eh. Worldspine Wurm might be pretty good in the deck but really any big fatty you have floating around in your trade binder that will end the game quickly is pretty much exactly what you're looking for.

Anyway if big mana is your game and hard casting creatures you have no business hard casting makes you feel all warm on the inside then this deck is the deck for you!

Thanks for joining me while I untap the multiverse, and I look forward to brewing up something for next week!

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