July 14, 2016

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Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon – Superfriends Assemble!

Welcome all to a super edition of the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon! Today I’ll be talking about a new card from Eldritch Moon that has me very excited to put together an all-Planeswalker Superfriends deck. This card is so awesome, that the deck doesn’t even have any creatures in it, with all of your win conditions coming from Planeswalkers themselves. Earlier this week, we had a look at Tamiyo, Field Researcher, which added to the strong array of Planeswalkers currently available in Standard. We also saw Liliana, the Last Hope and her Oath of Liliana. There are twelve of them that I’ll be using in this deck as our win conditions. Let’s have a look at the card that got me excited to build five-colour Superfriends. Here is Deploy the Gatewatch!

deploy the gatewatch

Welcome to the Collected Company of Planeswalkers! A lot of us - myself included - were starting to feel bad about the incoming departure of Collected Company from the Standard format come October. Well, we have been gifted with an awesome Planeswalker version of the card. Deploy the Gatewatch allows you to put directly into play two Planeswalkers from the top seven cards of your library. This is amazingly powerful with the right deck build. There is some talk that this card should have been an Instant, but since you are able to activate the Planeswalkers the turn they hit the battlefield, I think that Sorcery speed for this card will do just fine.

Let’s have a look at my deck inspired by Deploy the Gatewatch

The five-colour Planeswalkers deck works as a Control deck with the purpose to use your early Planeswalkers to hold off your opponent until you can start to control the board with the more expensive Planeswalkers. You might be thinking, 18 Planeswalkers!? Yes, indeed! I want to make sure that there is a strong chance of hitting two Planeswalkers whenever Deploy the Gatewatch is played. Usually, a Collected Company deck has between 24-27 creatures which allows it to make sure it gets two hits each time Collected Company is played.

The deck uses 26 lands to make sure that you are able to cast all of your five-colour Planeswalkers. Don’t worry though, you don’t always even need to have all five colours of mana. This is where the great Oath of Nissa comes into play. Not only does it allow you to get a Planeswalker or land into your hand, it also serves as a mana fixer to allow you to cast all of your Planeswalkers as well.

The key will be to use the Oath cards and early Planeswalkers to put out blockers to allow you to get to the mid-to-late part of the game where you can start to take control of the game with your Planeswalkers. Once you control the battlefield you can than use your eleven creature lands to get in some damage as well!

Once you start getting Planeswalkers onto the battlefield, not only will they start to control the game. If they are not taken care of by your opponent, they could start to cause problems for your opponent. This will allow you to use the loyalty counters as a life resource to help you further into the game.  The longer you last with this deck; the greater chance you have.

Let me know what card inspires you the most from Eldritch Moon. Thanks again for reading a Deck Tech edition of the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon.  I look forward to coming up with more deck ideas as we start to see the rest of the preview cards from the new set.