March 2, 2016

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Budget Brews: STORM!

This week on Budget Brews we tackle the most expensive format (not Vintage... Vintage is way too crazy for me to deal with): Legacy! In a world where original dual lands have gone up something like 25% since the announcement of Eternal Masters, and where blue is a “must play” color to stay competitive so you can run cards like Force of Will and Brainstorm (+ fetchland) what in the world can we do with one the most expensive combo decks in the format?

Well, there's a lot of card draw in black and red, surprisingly, but it's a bit more risky and suicidal. It's true, the deck can lose to itself as often as it can win, much like the Modern Goryo's Vengeance deck, once you're able to comfortably “go-off” the win is in the bag, and all you gotta do is be able to count to ten.

With the original Storm deck you're looking to power out ten spells in a row and play Tendrils of Agony for 20 damage. In a format full of cheap cantrips and 0-drop artifacts to make mana, it makes it pretty easy to do. The big thing is fighting through disruption and hand control (look back at last week's 8Rack article for an example of a Modern version of that). If I were to seriously buy into Legacy, Storm would defenitely be the deck I'd choose to play. However, the deck costs around $2800 CAN to build from scratch. I'd have to sling a lot of pizza's to make that much dough, so as per usual I'm looking for the cheaper way out in a way to still have fun at local Legacy events, and well... have a deck to play.

There is just a hint of blue, since it is Legacy and you have to play blue for Ponder to possibly set up our draws. A Ponder into a Sign in Blood can be pretty awesome and be the kindling we need to get our fire going into Storming our opponent out of the game.

Sorry I'm not getting in any testing this week, and this article is a little shorter than they have been. I've been dopped up on cough medicine and my guts hurt because it hasn't been working. I'll make up for it next week, I promise!

Thanks for joining me while I untap the multiverse, and I look forward to brewing up something for next week!

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