July 8, 2016

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Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon – Return of Red

Welcome to the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon: Red Edition. We've seen a lot of powerful cards so far in Eldritch Moon previews and today I’ll be looking at some of the powerful new Red cards coming to the Innistrad plane. When you are looking for a good red card, you are looking for an aggressive card that will be able to deal some major damage to your opponent and their creatures.

The first card I’ll be talking about is a red sweeper. We’ve seen a lot of red sweepers in the past with most of them dealing damage to creatures and/or players on both sides of the battlefield. Cards like Chain Reaction, Kozilek’s Return, and Radiant Flames all deal damage to both sides. Let’s check out a targeted sweeper that can clear all of your opponent’s board. Here is Nahiri’s Wrath:


Talk about a powerful removal spell. Not only can you target exactly the main threats that you need to remove, but will be able to the amount of damage you need to based on what you discard. Some people are thinking that you need to be discarding multiple spells to make this cards effective, but you only really need to discard one with a sufficient converted mana cost to kill all of your targets. Just say you need to kill three targets with three toughness, you can discard a Fiery Temper and two lands to deal enough damage to kill all three of the targets. This is a great spell to use up all of the extra lands you might draw that normally you wouldn’t want to draw.

Now let’s take a look at a versatile damage spell using the new Escalate mechanic from Eldritch Moon. Here is Collective Defiance:


This is a great card that will allow you to do what you need to do in certain situations. Need to finish off your opponent with some damage? Done! Need to kill a creature on the battlefield? Done! Don’t have a good hand and want to draw some more cards? Done! The great thing I love about Escalate cards is that they work in all situations of the game. Early on you can use it to kill a threat. Mid-game, you can kill a creature and deal some damage to your opponent or draw some new cards. If you draw it in the late game, you will be able to do all three and get some major value out of Collective Defiance.

One of the big problems with mainly Red decks is that sometimes you run out of cards to be able to finish off your opponent. Thanks to a new card from Eldritch Moon, you’ll be able to refill your hand and get a big threat onto the board. Here is Bedlam Reveler.


If you can build a deck around having lots of instants or sorceries, most times you will be able to cast Bedlam Reveler on turn five or six. Thanks to it's enter the battlefield trigger, Bedlam Reveler will allow you to rebuild your hand with three cards. Not only will you get more spells to cast, but thanks to Prowess on Bedlam Reveler, you will be getting a bigger threat on the board as well.

Thanks for reading a burning edition of the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon! I look forward to some more Deck Techs and Top 10s as we approach Eldritch Moon Prerelease Weekend on July 16th and 17th at your local gaming store.