July 11, 2016

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Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon – Top 10 Limited Commons

Welcome all to prerelease week here on the Daily Dose! The full set list has been released and I, for one, can’t wait till the end of the week and have my first chance at playing with the new cards from Eldritch Moon. Limited is my favourite format and I’m always interested to see which color combinations will work out the best.  What I like the most about Limited is that due to the format, there is larger pool of cards from the new set that are playable compared to what we will see used in the coming months for Standard. Today I’m going to look at ten of the commons from Eldritch Moon that you are going to want to be playing when you crack open your prerelease kit this coming weekend.

wretched gryff

Emerge creatures at all rarity levels seem to be pretty strong in Eldritch Moon and Wretched Gryff is no exception. You will be able to play this out on turn four in most occasions, and you’ll also be able to draw a card to replace the creature you are sacrificing. Having a 3/4 Flying creature on turn four will be quite strong.


Pacifism like enchantments are always a strong way in Limited to remove any creature from combat. If a creature has a strong ability they can also use, you can always play it on the creature early so they can’t attack or block and than exile it on a later turn so that they can’t use the creature’s ability.


Counterspells are always strong in Limited, and this Mana Leak variant will do the trick. Counterspells that have only one blue mana in its casting cost will allow you to splash it in more decks. Beware of this spell if anyone has an Island sitting across from the table from you.

spontaneous mutation

This is a common blue enchantment that will allow you to turn off a powerful attacker from causing any damage to you. You can also use it as a combat trick if your creature gets blocked to win the fight.

borrowed malevolence

Escalate spells give you a lot of flexibility and Borrowed Malevolance shows that value. In multi-creature combat using a well timed Borrowed Malevolence with Escalate could allow you to get a two-for-one by giving one of your creatures +1/+1 and blocker on your opponent’s side -1/-1.


Card advantage is one of the best ways to get ahead and Succumb to Temptation does just that. Similar to cards like Sign in Blood and Read the Bones, Succumb to Temptation will give you two cards, but as an instant allows you to keep up your mana for other spells if needed.

otherworldly outburst

Combat tricks are the most powerful spells in Limited and Otherworldly Outburst can allow you get some major value. You can use it to trade up and kill a larger creature than you’ll get a 3/2 Eldrazi as a nice big present. So trading up and an instant 3/2 creature, sounds good to me.

grapple with the past

Regrowth spells and effects like that of Den Protector and Pulse of Murasa have been shown to be quite powerful. Being an Instant, not only will it allow you to possibly achieve Delirium instantly but allow you to play it during your opponents turn to get back a card from your graveyard.


Once again another combat trick makes the list. This one has the added bonus of not only pumping up your creature but allowing you to counter any spell directed at one of your creatures as well, making your opponents combat tricks that much less effective.

cemetery recruitment

If you are able to make a deck with some Zombies in it, this card will allow you to get some major value.  Not only will you be able to get a Zombie back, it will allow you to draw a card to replace the spell.

What other commons do you think will make an impact in Limited play? Let me know in the comments. Thanks again for reading more of the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon. Tomorrow I’m going to be looking into 10 uncommons that will be making an impact at the Eldritch Moon prerelease!