Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon – Get out the Garlic!


Welcome to a big preview week on the Daily Dose where there have been some major revelations this week that are going to lead to an amazing set coming up. With Eldritch Moon being the second set in the Shadows Over Innistrad block, I like to look for synergy between cards within a block so that I can start to find added value in existing cards. There were a lot of Madness enablers in Shadows Over Innistrad such as Heir of Falkenrath and Olivia, Mobilized for War. The first card I’m going to talk about is one that with Madness that will make these cards even better going forward.

Here is the new Voldaren Pariah!

voldarenpariah abolisherofbloodlines

In its basic form, Voldaren Pariah is a 3/3 Flying creature for five mana, but it can be so much more. Thanks to its Madness of three black mana you can get it out into play easier thanks to plays like this. You can play turn two Heir to Falkenrath, followed by discarding Voldaren Pariah with Heir to Falkenrath’s ability on turn three. This will give you a 3/2 Flying creature attacking as well as Voldaren Pariah on the battlefield all on turn three. Not too bad I would say.

I see a more devastating use for Voldaren Pariah though, and that comes in the form of its transformed side, Abolisher of Bloodlines. This is a devastating way to clear your opponents board at any time you so choose, while leaving behind a 6/5 Flying creature to deal some major damage. Not only will you make your opponent sacrifice three creatures, it will get around your opponent playing cards like Archangel Avacyn to make all of their creatures indestructible. If played correctly, this can be a board wipe that leaves you with a 6/5 Flying creature after all is said and done. Most of the time as well, your creatures will be worse than your opponents, leaving it even more satisfying.

Now if we could just have more Madness enablers to power out great Madness cards like Voldaren Pariah out onto the battlefield quicker it would be great. Oh wait, we do! Here is Stromkirk Condemned.


Its base stats are basically bear-like as you get a 2/2 for two mana. The value lies in the fact that it is a Vampire, can power out Madness cards at will and also pumps all of your other Vampires as well. This will help you power out other Madness vampires such as Asylum Visitor or Twins of Maurer Estate.

With the addition of the two cards seen above, it looks like Mono-Black Vampires will be a common thing come July when Eldritch Moon hits the scene. We are starting to see great plays at all mana levels and some powerful cards. Will it be able to be aggressive and powerful enough, we will have to see.

Thanks for reading a maddening issue of the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon. I’m glad to see that they continued the Madness mechanic and I’m glad that more Madness enablers were put in the set. Only time will tell us if there enough Vampires put into the set to put a good mono-black Vampire deck out. Let me know which cards you hope get more value thanks to additions from Eldritch Moon.

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