Daily Dose of Oath of the Gatewatch – Top 10 Uncommons from Oath of the Gatewatch


Welcome to today's edition of the Daily Dose of Oath of the GatewatchPrerelease Weekend is coming to your local gaming store, where you will be able to take part in Regular or Two-Headed-Giant Prerelease events. Today I’ll be looking at the Top 10 Uncommons from Oath of the Gatewatch that you will want to look out for when making your deck at the Prerelease events.

Warping Wail


Nicknamed the "Eldrazi Charm", Warping Wail is a spell with a lot of versatility.  Warping Wail has the ability to exile any of the twenty-six creatures in Oath of the Gatewatch, not including all the Eldrazi Scion tokens that will be seen on the battlefield.  Don’t forget it can also counter a sorcery spell, and give you an Eldrazi Scion to ramp or block.  I would highly recommend using this card if you open it this weekend!

Immolating Glare


This is one of the better removal spells in Oath of the Gatewatch.  It will allow you to destroy any attacking creature without any restriction.  At only two-mana it is an efficient and cost effective removal spell to have in your deck.

Wall of Resurgence


Wall of Resurgence is another great two-for-one creature.  Not only does it provide you with an 0/6 Defender - which will stop most ground creatures from getting through - but it also allows you to put three +1/+1 counters on a land.  This could include a land that you’ve already added counters to or one of the new man-lands.

Prophet of Distortion


This small 1/2 Eldrazi will be providing patient players some big card advantage.  Like Fathom Feeder, Prophet of Distortion can help you draw cards each turn, if you believe that you will be playing a longer game.  Just make sure you have some colourless mana available to take advantage of its ability!

Flaying Tendrils


A classic black board-sweep similar to cards we’ve seen before, such as Infest.  The bonus of Flaying Tendrils is that it will exile all creatures that die this turn, a la Anger of the Gods.  Being able to clear off all the Eldrazi Scions on the battlefield will allow you to stop your opponent’s mana ramp and army of creatures.

Devour in Flames


Red removal spells do not usually allow you to remove large creatures from the board.  Devour in Flames allows you to remove those large creatures or any of your opponents planeswalkers. The disadvantage of this card is that it's a sorcery and you are not able to target a player, but I believe the five damage it deals makes up for this.

Embodiment of Insight


Being a 4/4 Vigilance creature in Limited is not too bad by itself, but where this card shines is it's Landfall ability. Anytime you put a land into play, you will able to turn one of your lands into a 3/3 creature with haste to get in for extra damage.  If you’ve been able to add +1/+1 counters to any of your lands earlier in the game, it makes this ability even stronger.  A recurring 3/3 creature with haste will be hard to beat!

Reflector Mage

Reflector Mage

Any card that provides you a tempo advantage is a card that can keep you ahead in the creature race. Reflector Mage not only bounces a creature, but also makes it so your opponent isn't able to cast that creature on their next turn.  This provides you extra turns to deal with problematic creatures while giving you a 2/3 body on the battlefield.

Void Grafter


And here's another creature that is able to provide you with many defensive uses! If you are in need of a surprise blocker you can use it as a 2/4 Flash creature. But Void Grafter’s better use is to Flash it in to counter any spell that is targeting a creature you control by giving it Hexproof. A 2/4 creature with a counterspell is a great combat trick and great value!

Stormchaser Mage


Welcome to the flying Monastery Swiftspear!  Not only is it a great improvement over it's mono-red counterpart with the added Flying ability, but it also has one more point of toughness that could come into handy as well.  I can definitely see playing this card in an aggressive Limited strategy.

What is your favorite uncommon from Oath of the Gatewatch?  Let us know in the comments! Thanks again for reading today's edition of the Daily Dose of Oath of the Gatewatch and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow as we discuss the Top 10 Two-Headed Giant Cards you want to look for this Prerelease Weekend!

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