Commander's Brew Episode 244 - Haldan & Pako


This year's Commander precons are exceptionally spicy with a ton of great mechanics, most exciting of all, new partners! Now they may not have been exactly the style of partners we wanted, but a partner is a partner! If you like big Temur spells, Haldan and Pako are THE new Commanders for you.

I love it when an EDH deck seems to work against itself - attacking with a big dog but also running almost all non-creature spells with big splashy effects. This kind of strategy always presents a challenging deckbuilding puzzle that often results in a powerful deck.

The idea with this version of H&P is to control and predict the top card of your opponents' decks and when you exile a bunch of sweet spells, cast em all with your extras land drops you also got from Pako's ability. It all synergizes and really comes together as a big ramp, big spell, and big fun deck that will create some very swingy games. Just be sure to protect Pako so he can keep the stream of cards coming!


Haldan & Pako

Commander (2)
Creatures (11)
Artifacts (13)
Enchantments (9)
Instants (13)
Sorceries (16)
Planeswalkers (1)
Land (36)

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