July 28, 2020

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Commander's Brew Episode 255: Neyith of the Dire hunt

The new Jumpstart product has some very fun new commanders in it, but none are more exciting to me than Neyith of the Dire Hunt. I love it when a new legendary is printed and it instantly makes a bunch of limited chaff playable in our format. Get all your fight cards out from your long boxes and sleeve em up because you're about to draw a ton of cards with Neyith and this list of giant beaters.

So obviously fighting is a big part of this deck, but don't forget about the power doubling and blocking ability Neyith carries along with her. Combat becomes an absolute nightmare when you're dealing with cards like Dolmen Gate and Ripjaw Raptor. Speaking of dinosaurs, don't forget about the combo potential of cards like Polyraptor, Gruul Ragebeast, Forerunner of the Empire, Warstorm Surge and Withstand Death. Mix a few of those up in the right combination and you got yourself an infinite combo win!

Ahh, a five-card combo. THAT's the Commander's Brew way.