WizardTower.com Open Championship

Event Details

The WizardTower.com Open Championship is a large event hosted at Wizard Tower with large prizes to be won.

Tournament Dates

War of the Spark 2K Open Championship - May 18 2019 - Standard
Core Set 2020 2K Open Championship - Jul 27 2019 - Modern

Time: Registration up until 9:45 AM, Tournament starts at 10 am
Entry: $20 or through qualification

The top four (4) players in each Premier Event will gain free entry into the WizardTower.com Open Championship!

Location: Wizard's Tower Barrhaven


There will be seven (7) rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top 8.
The format of the rounds is as follows:
Round 1-4: Standard/Modern depending on event
(Top 24 players after four rounds qualify to continue into Round 5)
Round 5-7: Booster Draft for top (24) players after 4 rounds.
Top 8: Standard/Modern depending on event

Prize Pool*:

1st Place - $650 WizardTower.com Store Credit
2nd Place - $350 WizardTower.com Store Credit
3rd – 4th Place - $180 in WizardTower.com Store Credit
5th – 8th Place - $80 in WizardTower.com Store Credit
9th – 16th Place - $40 in WizardTower.com Store Credit

WizardTower.com Player of the Month Points

17 to 32 players

1st - 4th : 25 pts
5th - 8th : 20 pts
9th - 16th: 5 pts

33 to 64 players

1st - 4th : 30 pts
5th - 8th : 25 pts
9th - 16th: 10 pts

*All Prizes given at end of event to each player once event is finished.

Click here for all the details of the Wizardtower.com Player of the Month Promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Claim My Free Entry?
All you have to do to participate is call or email us to claim your spot before 9AM on the Friday before the event. After this time, the event will be open for those who have not qualified for free entry to sign up for the event.

How Do I See If I Have Automatically Qualified?
You can see all players who have received a free qualification spot here.

What Happens If I Qualify And I'm Not Able To Make The Tournament?
Unfortunately the spots do not carry over.

What Happens If Someone Automatically Qualifies For More Than One Spot?
There is only one qualification per player.

Why Is There A Top 24 Cut To Draft For The Invitational?
Doing a top 24 cut-off for draft instead of top 16 will allow all possible players with a chance of making top 8 after 5 rounds, the chance to do so.

What Is The Cutoff Date For Qualifying For The Open Championship?
The last tournament to qualify for free entry into the Open Championship is the Saturday Premier Event the weekend before the Open Championship is scheduled.

Wizard's Tower Mission to Players

We at the Wizard’s Tower believe in a fun and safe playing environment for all players. We want everyone to be able to come to our events and have fun playing Magic, D&D, or any other game of choice at the store!

We want to create a safe and positive playing environment here without harassment. This includes players not participating in collusion or match fixing of any kind with other players. We ask that players do not request that other players concede any matches by offering rewards or payment to alter the results of an event. We want all players to come to the Wizard’s Tower and do what they came here to do, have fun playing the games they love.

If at any time you feel that you are being harassed, or feel pressured to do anything that you don’t want to, please speak to a staff member immediately and we will address the situation.

We look forward to seeing you at the store doing what you love most, playing games with friends!