Welcome to WizardTower.com Player's Club!

2017-2018 Wizardtower.com Player's Club

During events throughout the year, players will be able to acquire WizardTower.com Player’s Club Points. These points will not only help you potentially qualify for the WizardTower.com Player’s Championship, but also earn you valuable rewards as well!

When to earn points

First Season (Oct 5th 2017- Mar 31st 2018)
The Player's Club will be ending on Mar 31st 2018. It will be wrapped into our Player of the Month promotion.

Player Rewards Levels

Player Rewards Levels

Silver – 40 pts
Gold – 52 pts
Platinum – 64 pts

Check out the current Player's Club Points and Rankings!

Current Player's Club Rewards Members - April 1st 2018 to Sep 30th 2018

Justin Hebert
Stephen Keeffe
Benoit Renaud

Player Rewards

Rewards are given out once a player hits that Reward level for the remainder of the current season and for the following Season. At the start of each season, a player’s reward level will be reset to what level they achieved the previous season.

Silver - $5 OFF entry into all Premium Events*
Gold – $10 OFF entry into all Premium Events*
- Free entry into an Open Championship event that you haven’t already qualified for.

* Prerelease Events receive a $5 discount for all levels.