February 15, 2016

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Commander Mondays - Association of Terrific Buddies

For the first article in my five-colour series, I decided to go with one of my most commonly requested archetypes, Super Friends.

Now Super Friends decks tend to be pretty straightforward, they don't usually have an underlying cohesive strategy, thus falling into the "good stuff" category, but with a more set theme than most good stuff decks.

A Brief Explanation

Super Friends, for those unaware, is the name given to decks that rely entirely on Planeswalkers. Besides Planeswalkers, the decks tend to focus on cards that synergize with the permanent type, such as Doubling Season, Contagion Engine and Oath of Gideon. The reason this archetype has grown in popularity lately is due to the extra support that Planeswalkers have gotten in Oath of the Gatewatch.

On top of all the Planeswalker synergies, there's card draw, removal, and a few board wipes that particularly do not hit Planeswalkers, just to make the game miserable for your opponents.

Lastly, Sliver Queen is the Commander because she can produce blockers when you're having a slow game.

The Best Planeswalkers

As far as I'm concerned, these are the best Planeswalkers in the deck, as they either have synergy with the others, or just have a powerful board presence.

I find Bolas to be one of the strongest of the terrific buddies in this deck, simply because he does everything you can need. He breaks things, steals other things, and then absolutely devastates your opponent. What's not to like?

I play this iteration of Elspeth in almost every EDH deck I build now, simply because she holds a lot of value. She can create a bunch of blockers to defend her and friends effectively, and when that's not enough she can simply wipe the board clean. In this deck I doubt you'll ever be going for her ultimate, but if you resolve it then her and the other token makers are going to have a blast.

Ajani digs, and digs, and digs. I like him here because he's very efficient at making sure you land at least one new Planeswalker every turn. There's other 'Walkers that provide card draw in the deck, but I personally feel Ajani's method is the most efficient.

Basically answer everything you need to when you need to. There are very few phrases in magic that are scarier than "Exile target Permanent".

Teferi's emblem is the most synergistic with the rest of the deck. In a deck that's not as centered around Planeswalkers, it may be difficult to pull it off. But this list has many ways to bolster the amount of loyalty that our friends are getting, making this quite easy.

The List

Association of Terrific Buddies

Commander (1)
Creature (6)
Spells (9)
Planeswalker (25)
Artifact (9)
Enchantment (12)
Land (38)

That's all for this week, next week I'll be back with either a five-colour Sliver deck, or five-colour allies.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!