May 28, 2018

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Partner Commanders We Wish We Had

How do you feel about the partner mechanic coming back?

Partner was a great mechanic introduced a couple years ago in the Commander preconstructed decks. It allowed us to mix and match any two Legendaries with the "Partner" keyword in our command zone to combine abilities and give our deck the exact colour identity we want. And with Battlebond on the horizon, we're finally getting partners back.

In Battlebond, certain Legendaries are exclusively partenered with exactly one other Legendary, and we're allowed to start both of them in our command zone while we brew up a deck.

It's always promising when they bring back a popular Commander idea, even if this is a more restrictive version of it. It does make me daydream that one day we'll be able to partner up different commanders though.

Here's a few pairs of generals I'd love to be able to put together. Who knows, maybe I'll brew up a few decks one day that feature the pairs!


We've seen the cat tribal precon do some nice equipment shenanigans, and I've also seen a nice Daxos deck do something similar. Why not combine them? Well, I did in last week's episode of our podcast. Check it out for a very in-depth look at a deck based around these two.

Granted, they're not in the command zone, but the heart of the deck surrounds them both. And we make a lot of wedding jokes throughout. It's funny in context, trust me.


Just imagine getting both of these on the battlefield. All of the damage you deal gets funnelled into your mana pool forever. Listeners of our podcast will know I love a good X spell, and this combination would allow us to cast the biggest ones short of an infinite mana combo.


Who among us hasn't dreamed of getting a pair of experience counter associated commanders on the battlefield together? Personally, I think these two pair together the best. There are plenty of instants and sorceries that create small token creatures which build up experience double time.

Once again, I'm all about X spells, but this time, ones that generate token creatures. Keep that train moving!


Before you get up in arms about it, yes, I realize Reyhan already has partner on her and has often teamed up with other Commanders. But, she's never teamed up with Elenda before.

This is something I would like to see! Creatures dying, giving Elenda counters, Reyhan giving Elenda counters, Elenda dying and making vampires and giving counters back. These counters aren't going anyplace anytime soon!


It's not hard to find some seemingly broken Commander combinations. Here's another one that gets out of hand in no time: Casting any spell will wheel your hand into more spells, and so much extra mana to cast them. Plus, it grows with each spell you cast. As long as you hit a draw spell or two, you can keep your hand nice and stocked the whole time!

Am I just obsessed with getting tons of mana and casting X spells? I think I might be!


Although I'll never say anything is impossible, I don't see a world in which this magical land of treats becomes a reality. You can't get something for nothing, (I'm looking at you, Eminence) so to add something to a card before the game even begins is against the fundamental rules of the format.

We're basically talking about a brand new format that isn't Commander as we know it. One where any two Legendaries can be your commanders. And I guess it's a 200 card format. And you're allowed two of any card. I call it SuperCommander.

There are no deckboxes big enough to play. Good luck shuffling!

I did notice that most of my dream partnerships are all in the Temur colours. I guess that just means I should brew up a deck using all of these led by Riku. Though, it wouldn't be the first time that happened.

What are your dream partnerships? Please let me know in the comments below! I'm sure you can think of a Black or White Commander worthy of a team-up. Maybe an Athreos or something...