Chapter 2 – Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease


Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 – Guide to Vehicles
Chapter 5 – 5 Limited Deck Archetypes

Welcome all to Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Limited and Prerelease. This next guide teaches you about some of the most important power cards for a Limited deck, the uncommons. In Neon Dynasty, the uncommon slot of cards can be so important to building a successful Limited deck. You’ll find removal cards, synergistic creatures, and tons of ways to get card advantage. Each colour is set up with uncommons to help with the main deck archetypes from the set whether than be artifacts, Sagas, Samurai, Ninjas or Vehicles. Make sure you learn the powerful uncommon cards from this list below and find ways to make them fit into your deck.

Here are some of the best uncommons from Neon Dynasty from each colour.


Banishing Slash

Banishing Slash – This two-mana removal spell covers everything you want to have in a removal spell for Neon Dynasty. With tons of artifacts and enchantments going around, this will help deal with some of those problematic permanents. There is also a chance you might get a 2/2 Samurai as well.

Born to Drive

Born to Drive – This card acts as two spells in one thanks to its Channel ability. If you already have a presence on the battlefield you can use this to pump up a creature as an aura. If you don’t have a presence, you can discard it at instant speed to get two Pilots ready to crew any Vehicle you have.

Hotshot Mechanic

Hotshot Mechanic – This 2/1 one-drop creature will help you hit your opponent for some damage in the early game and then can crew your larger Vehicles in the mid-to-late part of the game.

Norika Yamazaki, the Poet

Norika Yamazaki, the Poet – This gives you a creature with solid stats with vigilance. The value from this card comes from being able to recast your Sagas and other enchantments when any (not just Norika) Samurai or Warrior attacks alone.

Selfless Samurai

Selfless Samurai – We have seen the impact that Selfless Savior has had in many formats and this mimics that ability and adds a chance for an attacking creature to have lifelink each turn.

Touch the Spirit Realm

Touch the Spirit Realm – This exile enchantment not only hits creatures but artifacts as well. In a pinch, you can use it to blink an artifact or creature to protect it from removal or remove it from combat.


Acquisition Octopus

Acquisition Octopus – This equipment creature is sure to help you gain some card advantage either by attacking itself or attaching to a better creature.

Awakened Awareness

Awakened Awareness – I treat this like a modal spell that can either shutdown an opposing creature by turning it into a 1/1 or pumping up one of your own creatures late in the game.

Covert Technician

Covert Technician – Any creature you can Ninjitsu onto the battlefield for a cheaper mana cost is great. It can also provide a bonus of adding additional artifacts onto the battlefield from your hand.

Prosperous Thief

Prosperous Thief – This creature with a great two-mana Ninjitsu cost can help get you some Treasure which can be used to either recast the creature you bounced back to your hand or to have some artifacts for artifact synergies.

Thirst for Knowledge

Thirst for Knowledge – This card advantage reprint shines in any deck built with enough artifact cards so that only need to discard one card instead of two.

Behold the Unspeakable / Vision of the Unspeakable

Behold the Unspeakable // Vision of the Unspeakable – This Saga will help you gain some card advantage while leaving you eventually with a powerful flying threat for your opponent to deal with.


Assassin's Ink

Assassin’s Ink – This is a great instant removal spell that has the possibility of having its cost reduced twice based on what permanents you have on the battlefield. Even at four mana, you are ahead of the game.

Dockside Chef

Dockside Chef – We have seen the power of Skullport Merchant and this provides even more options as you can sacrifice any artifact to draw a card.

Dokuchi Silencer

Dokuchi Silencer – This allows you to change any unblocked creature into a two-mana removal spell. If you can find a way to give it evasion it could become a reusable source of removal.

Go-Shintai of Hidden Cruelty

Go-Shintai of Hidden Cruelty – I love me a creature with deathtouch at almost any mana value. This allows you the outside chance of using it as removal for small creatures your opponent might have.


Gravelighter – This can help you remove a potentially large threat or at least a better creature than you are sacrificing. You are also left with a 2/2 flying creature which isn’t too bad. You can also cast it strategically to draw a card after another creature has died that turn.

Life of Toshiro Umezawa / Memory of Toshiro

Life of Toshiro Umezawa // Memory of Toshimo – This gives you freedom between the options of either pumping up your creature or finishing off one of your opponents’ creatures. After it transforms you get a mana source to help you cast instants or sorceries.


Bronzeplate Boar

Bronzeplate Boar – You get a solid 3/2 trample creature to start and later in the game it can be used to pump a creature you have into a larger threat with trample.

Flame Discharge

Flame Discharge – This is a scaling removal spell that ramps up in damage with how much mana you use to cast it. It has a chance at becoming extra special if you have a modified creature.

Rabbit Battery

Rabbit Battery – This is a great equipment creature that you can play on curve. In future turns, you can then attach it to whatever creature to pump it and give it haste.

Reinforced Ronin

Reinforced Ronin – Are you kidding me? A 2/2 creature with haste for only one mana! On top of getting in for some early damage, later in the game you can cycle it away to replace it with a new card.

Tempered in Solitude

Tempered in Solitude – It’s always great to have alternative ways to gain some card advantage. This will help you with Samurai creature triggers and allow you to have an extra card to play each turn.

Twinshot Sniper

Twinshot Sniper – This is one of my favourite cards of the set thanks to its versatility. It can be used early in the game for two mana to remove a creature or can do the same thing for four mana but leave you with a nice 2/3 creature with reach.


Blossom Prancer

Blossom Prancer – This is a solid creature that sits at 4/4 with reach that can either get your another permanent to play or gain you four life.

Generous Visitor

Generous Visitor – This little Spirit can get out of control quickly with +1/+1 counters thanks to the considerable number of enchantments available for Green to cast.

Roaring Earth

Roaring Earth – Once out on the battlefield it can start to pump up your team and make your creatures modified. Later in the game, if you draw this, you can use it to instantly turn one of your lands into a large threat.

Boseiju Reaches Skyward / Branch of Boseiju

Boseiju Reaches Skyward // Branch of Boseiju – This Saga will help you ramp into the later game, and once it transforms you could have the largest creature on the battlefield.


Colossal Skyturtle

Colossal Skyturtle – If you can get this flying turtle out on the battlefield, it will provide a quick clock against your opponent. If you draw it in the early game, you can use either Channel Ability for three mana or less to get use out of the card.


Gloomshrieker – I like the value of evasion on this creature as well as getting a permanent card back from your graveyard.

Invigorating Hot Spring

Invigorating Hot Spring – I love the design of this card. The +1/+1 counters will turn your creatures into modified creatures and give them haste. This card will also add value to any equipment or Auras you might play as well.

Jukai Naturalist

Jukai Naturalist – With many enchantments in the form of creatures and Sagas floating around Neon Dynasty, the cost reduction provided by Jukai Naturalist is sure to be beneficial.

Silver-Fur Master

Silver-Fur Master – This Ninja and Rogue master is excellent value for only two mana. It can help your other Ninjas achieve their goal of damaging your opponent.

Artifact and Land Cards

Bronze Cudgels

Bronze Cudgels – Two mana adds one power, four mana adds three power, six mana adds six power, eight mana adds ten power. Each activation provides more power for the equipped creature. The equip cost of one is cheap for what it does.

Circuit Mender

Circuit MenderFiligree Familiar was one of my favourite cards for a while and Circuit Mender is just a great upgrade to the card.

Secluded Courtyard

Secluded Courtyard – This is great mana fixing for multicolour decks. There are many creature types that span over multiple colours so having this land will help to make sure you can cast all your creature spells.

Two chapters down and three to go in the Ultimate Guide to Innistrad Neon Dynasty Limited and Prerelease. You are now set up with guides for the best commons and uncommons from the set. This guide should help you recognize the powerful uncommons you need to make your Limited deck a success. Thanks again for reading Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Neon Dynasty Limited and Prerelease. Next up is Chapter 3 and the Neon Dynasty Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour. If you’ve missed any of the other chapters for this guide, click below to check them out.

Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 – Guide to Vehicles
Chapter 5 – 5 Limited Deck Archetypes

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