Ultimate Guide to Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Limited and Prerelease


Welcome all to the Ultimate Guide for Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Limited and Prerelease. This is a five Chapter guide to help you prepare for everything related to Limited play. From learning the best commons and uncommons from each colour to knowing which removal spells your opponent might have in their hand. In a later chapter, I’ll have a guide to the return of Vehicles from Neon Dynasty. Finally, I’ll talk about five of the major Limited Deck Archetypes you will see most often in Limited play. I hope these guides will help you prepare for what’s to come with a new season of Limited play for Kamigawa Neon Dynasty.

Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Limited and Prerelease

Chapter 1 will help guide you through the most plentiful cards in each pack of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, the commons. Commons in Neon Dynasty help you build decks that play into the synergies and themes of Neon Dynasty. Pick wisely and you’ll be successful.

Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease

Chapter 2 will help guide you to figure out the cards considered to be limited all-stars, the uncommons. Uncommons in Neon Dynasty are full of Vehicles, Samurai, Ninjas, Sagas, and powerful artifacts.

Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour

Chapter 3 helps you prepare for what to expect at instant speed from your opponent. This guide will list every combat trick, removal spell, and anything else your opponent might be hiding in their hand ready to cast.

Chapter 4 – Guide to Vehicles

Chapter 4 is a guide to the return of Vehicles. Vehicles are back in a major way, with support in almost every colour. You’ll be crewing them up in no time.

Chapter 5 – 5 Limited Deck Archetypes

Chapter 5 helps you in learning five of the best Limited Deck Archetypes for Neon Dynasty. Learn the cards you want to look out for to build these powerful new Limited decks.

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