The Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease


Welcome all to the Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease. This is a five Chapter guide to help you prepare for everything related to limited play. From learning the best commons, uncommons from each colour to knowing which removal spells to watch out for from each colour. Enjoy these five Chapters and I hope they help you be prepared for what’s to come with a new season of Limited play for Kaldheim.

Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited

Chapter 1 will help guide you through the forgotten cards from each pack of Kaldheim, the commons. There are some great ones in Kaldheim and you need to know what to look out for in each pack.

Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Prerelease and Limited

Chapter 2 will help guide you to pick out the best uncommons from each pack. These uncommons will be the center of your deck and some of the most powerful cards you'll be playing with.

Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour

Chapter 3 helps you prepare for the minefield that is combat tricks and removal cards. See what your opponent might be holding depending on what colour mana they have available.

Chapter 4 - Guide to Playing Foretell

Chapter 4 helps you prepare for what your opponent might be hiding in exile. See which Foretell cards and Helper cards are available in Kaldheim.

Chapter 5 - Guide to Building a Snow Deck

Chapter 5 helps you in building a Snow deck in Limited. What cards are available and when you should be drafting Snow Lands.

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