Chapter 4 - Kaldheim Guide to Playing Foretell


Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 - Guide to Playing Foretell
Chapter 5 - Guide to Building a Snow Deck

Welcome all Chapter 4 of the Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease. Although all Foretell spells need a generic two mana to Foretell, they are all exiled face down. Having the knowledge of what could be coming based on the colours your opponent is playing can give you the win. I’m going to be breaking down all the Foretell cards from each colour (and artifacts too of course), as well as the cards that can help you in your Foretell deck.

White Foretell (Eleven Cards)

Sorcery SpellsDoomskar is probably the best card in the set and a pain to deal with when foretold on turn two. It is something you will need to be aware of if your opponent is playing White. Another devastating card is Starnheim Unleashed. If your opponent hasn’t cast their foretold card for a long time, this could be the card face down. The later in the game it goes, the better it gets.

Instant – There are three cards to worry about at instant speed when it comes to Foretell cards. Iron Verdict is the only removal that could come out of exile for only one mana. Kaya’s Onslaught and Warhorn Blast are some combat tricks that could cause some havoc, especially making a creature double strike for only one mana.

Creature – White has plenty of creatures to cast from exile ranging from one to four mana. Doomskar Oracle is cheap from exile and helps you cast multiple spells a turn. Glorious Protector is amazing, as it can be cast at instant speed to surprise your opponent for only three mana. It can also protect one of your non-Angel creatures from removal. God’s Hall Guardian is expensive, even casting it with its Foretell cost, so you probably won’t see much of it. Shepherd of the Cosmos will see some play though and can help bring back a cheap permanent at the same time as well.

Foretell Value and Helper Spells – Clarion Spirit is a cheap two-mana creature that can help you create 1/1 Flying Spirits when you cast your second spell each turn. Great for cheap Foretell spells. Codespell Cleric is a great one-drop to cast after you’ve cast a Foretell spell. It will be a 2/2 Vigilance creature, great for a one-mana creature. Doomskar Oracle as seen above not only is a Foretell card but will gain you life thanks to casting multiple spells in a turn.

Blue Foretell (Ten Cards)

Sorcery – One of the most powerful spells in the set is Alrund’s Epiphany. It is still a whopping six mana to cast from exile. So, if they are holding a spell for awhile in exile, it could be this spell.

Instant – Blue is the scariest colour to play against when it comes to Foretell spells. All they need is two mana and it could be up to five different cards that are face down. They can counter a spell with Saw it Coming, draw some cards with Behold the Multiverse, or bounce a nonland permanent with Depart the Realm. On top of that is the crazy removal spell Ravenform. When it comes to creature threats, watch out for Mystic Reflection which could be used to copy your biggest nonlegendary threat.

Creature – The best of the best is Cosmos Charger and it can be played at instant speed. It will help run the whole Foretell deck and should be eliminated as soon as possible. Augury Raven is a nice common 3/3 Flying creature that will see some play.

Foretell Value and Helper SpellsCosmos Charger is one of the cards you want the most for your Foretell deck. It does it all for Foretell synergies.  Karfell Harbinger is a great two-drop creature to help you Foretell cards or just cast instants and sorceries in general. Finally, you have the God, Alrund, God of the Cosmos. It uses the cards in your hand and those you’ve Foretold to exile and gains power. It also is a card-drawing engine, fueling its power and giving you more cards to put into exile.

Black Foretell (Eleven Cards)

SorceryHaunting Voyage is one of the rare cards with a Foretell cost more than its normal casting cost. This is due to the sheer value you get when casting it from exile. If you see someone playing Black and having a card stuck face down for almost the entire game, it might be Haunting Voyage. Return Upon the Tide is a neat reanimation spell, but there isn’t too much saved by Foretelling this card rather than paying its full cost. Skull Raid is a good card to Foretell early and use as a draw spell later in the game.

Instant – Black has a couple of removal spells to worry about from exile. Poison the Cup could be a two-mana removal spell, while Tergrid’s Shadow costs four mana but can deal with two threats at once. One of the scariest cards to be aware of and amazingly only one mana to cast it from exile is Rise of the Dread Marn. If not careful, this spell can turn into four or more 2/2 Zombies just with some normal combat trades.

CreatureJarl of the Forsaken is a Flash threat to watch out for after combat on either turn. Vengeful Reaper helps save you one turn by Foretelling it on turn two but could allow you to play it and a one-drop on turn three.

Foretell Value and Helper SpellsBloodsky Berserker is screaming to be played with cheap Foretell cards so that it can start gaining two +1/+1 counters a turn. Dream Devourer is the best creature to have on the battlefield for Foretell strategies. It turns all your nonland cards without Foretell into Foretell spells. It even gets bonuses whenever you Foretell a card as well. Infernal Pet can get through with some Flying damage if you are able to cast multiple spells a turn.

Red Foretell (Six Cards)

Sorcery – Beware of the one-mana sweeper called Crush the Weak. It could allow a sweep of creatures followed up by a new creature on the battlefield. Dwarven Reinforcements can allow you to get four power of creatures out on turn three if foretold.

Instant – Instant removal is always a threat but dealing four damage at instant speed for only one mana with Demon Bolt is amazing. Dual Strike can be used at any time for only one mana to copy a spell of converted mana cost four or less.

CreatureDoomskar Titan is an expensive Foretell creature at five mana and gives everything +1/+0 and Haste. The creature to worry about the most though is Quakebringer. This coming out on turn four will mean you have to find removal for it before it takes over the game.

Green Foretell (Four Cards)

SorceryStruggle for Skemfar is a one-mana way to fight with a creature and pump it up with a +1/+1 counter at the same time. Playing this into a creature afterward can be quite the tempo swing on the battlefield.

InstantMammoth Growth is the only green instant Foretell card you need to worry about, but it can add a whopping +4/+4 to a creature.

CreatureSarulf’s Packmate is great at drawing you an extra card that you can potentially play right away thanks to the cheap Foretell casting cost of two mana. Here is hoping you don’t need to go against a turn four Battle Mammoth. It’s tough to deal with in combat and you will need to lose some card advantage by targeting it for removal.

Multicolour Foretell (Three Cards)

Foretell Value and Helper Spells – If you can get Firja, Judge of Valor on the battlefield, each time you cast more than one spell, you can start to gain an additional card each turn. When it comes to the new Saga Niko Defies Destiny, it is the ultimate card you want for a Foretell deck. Each Chapter is designed and meant to be played in a Foretell deck. The Legendary Bird Vega, the Watcher allows you to restock your hand anytime you cast a Foretell spell. Any time you can have a card engine and an evasion creature, you know you have some value.

Artifact (One Card)

CreatureScorn Effigy is a simple creature that can be played in any Foretell deck thanks to its generic mana cost. It’s also the only Foretell spell that costs zero to cast from exile.

Foretell is going to be an interesting part of the game spaces. Even with limited options, there is still enough that it will keep you guessing. Do you play creatures into a potential Doomskar? Do they have the counterspell Saw it Coming or the drawcard spell Behold the Multiverse? Questions you will have to ask if you want to navigate past the world of Foretell. Thanks again for reading Chapter 4 of the Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease. Click below to read Chapter 5 and the Guide to Snow Cards.

Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 - Guide to Playing Foretell
Chapter 5 - Guide to Building a Snow Deck

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