Chapter 2 – Top Uncommons for Kaldheim Prerelease and Limited


Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 - Guide to Playing Foretell
Chapter 5 - Guide to Building a Snow Deck

Welcome all to Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease. I will be continuing Prerelease week with some guides to help you play the most important power cards for a Limited deck, the uncommons. With twenty multicoloured uncommon cards in the set, the power level for uncommons is even higher. There are only three uncommons per pack, so it’s important to make sure you prioritize the best ones for your deck. With the power level of uncommons being higher these are the cards that will help you have a winning deck and build your synergies.

Here are some of the best uncommons for Prerelease and Limited play from Kaldheim.

Battershield Warrior

Battershield Warrior – The Boast ability on this creature will make it extremely hard for your opponent to block during combat. Having that Boast ability ready to trigger whenever you need it means your opponent will have to pass on blocking for fear of your creatures getting pumped up.

Rune of Sustenance

Rune of Sustenance – This is by far the best of the Runes in the cycle. Providing Lifelink to a creature allows you to gain back some early lost life. The Rune replaces itself, so nothing lost when it comes to cards, just two mana to gain some life.

Shepherd of the Cosmos

Shepherd of the Cosmos – A great three power Flying creature that you can Foretell onto the battlefield for only four mana. It can also help you return a permanent back onto the battlefield. Not bad for four mana.

Usher of the Fallen

Usher of the Fallen – This is a great aggressive creature you want to have in your deck. It can start making 1/1 tokens on its first attack and starts to get out of control after that. Even if you attack and trade with another creature in combat, you can still spend two mana and be ahead after making a 1/1 token.

Avalanche Caller

Avalanche Caller – What makes it so great is the threat of just attacking for a ton of damage from lands that your opponent is unable to interact with. Your opponent will always have to be aware that you could play a snow land out of your hand and immediately attack for four.

Glimpse the Cosmos

Glimpse the Cosmos – This has the potential to be a great card advantage spell in the right deck. There will a ton of Giants around Kaldheim so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one from your deck. It adds some card selection as well, giving it more value.

Saw It Coming

Saw it Coming – Only pure counterspell in the set with no downside to it (see Tibalt’s Trickery). The fact that you can hide in exile thanks to Foretelling means your opponent won’t know if you have a counterspell or a card draw spell in exile, therefore causing them to perhaps play incorrectly without having the full knowledge you have.

Bloodsky Berserker

Bloodsky Berserker – This uncommon is on here for the potential of just growing out of control. The goal is, of course, to play this on turn two, play two spells on turn three and start attacking for three. Repeat the following turn for best results.

Poison the Cup

Poison the Cup – A great removal card for only three mana and at instant speed. It becomes even better if you can Foretell first. Getting a bonus Scry 2 will help with your card selection.

Return Upon the Tide

Return Upon the Tide – Resurrection cards are always great and allow you to get your best threat back onto the battlefield. If you have a strong Elf to return you get a bonus two 1/1 Elf Warrior tokens as well. A little cheaper to cast if you can Foretell it first.

Tegrid's Shadow

Tergrid’s Shadow – This uncommon acts as an almost sweeper, and is great to use after a giant combat trade of many creatures, even if at your disadvantage.  This gives you lots of flexibility as an instant as well, especially with Foretell.

Crush the Weak

Crush the Weak – A nice uncommon sweeper that can kill a bunch of smaller creatures, or finish off some larger creatures after combat. If able to cast it from exile, you can follow it up with a new creature on a fresh battlefield.

Provoke the Trolls

Provoke the Trolls – One of the most versatile removal spells in the format with three modes to choose from. You can choose to kill a creature, pump up your own creature, or hit your opponent in the head for three damage.

Blizzard Brawl

Blizzard Brawl – One-mana fight spells are always good, but throw in a good chance of coming out of this fight unscathed thanks to three snow permanents and it’s even better.

Elven Bow

Elven Bow – The best of the equipment cycle that can also give you a creature to equip it with. At three mana, a 2/3 with reach isn’t that bad. After that, you can reuse it to make all your other creatures a little better.

Fynn, the Fangbearer

Fynn, the Fangbearer – One of the best legendary uncommon creatures in the set. Deathtouch makes it a great blocker and attacker and if you can piece together enough Deathtouch creatures, you can win the game in only five hits!

Littjara Glade-Warden

Littjara Glade-Warden – Changing all your dead creatures into two +1/+1 counters means your graveyard becomes a powerful resource with this creature on the battlefield.

Maja, Bretagard Protector

Maja, Bretagard Protector – Having a creature lord, especially at uncommon is rare. It also has a landfall-like ability that will make 2/2 Human Warriors while it stays on the battlefield.

Narfi, Betrayer King

Narfi, Betrayer King – The snow lord (and Zombies of course) is great at the uncommon slot. This creature gains most of its value from being able to come back from the dead repeatedly to wreak havoc on your opponent.

Uncommon Sagas

Every Uncommon Saga – There isn’t one Saga that doesn’t have a ton of value. Three parts to every card, each of them with something special. There is one for each two-colour combination. If I had to give a top two of the Uncommon Saga cycle, I would say Arni Slays the Troll and Fall of the Impostor. They can both be removal and pump your creatures up for a relatively cheap cost.

Bloodline Pretender

Bloodline Pretender – This Changeling is great at helping with any of the different creature synergies that are in Kaldheim, but also can get larger throughout the game when you start casting creatures of certain types or more Changelings.

Replicating Ring

Replicating Ring – A great way to help fix your mana which can be used in any deck. Eventually, you could have nine mana rocks on the battlefield, but I’m not sure what you are going to do with all that mana.

Uncommon Lands

Every Uncommon Sacrifice Land – See my article here to hear me talk about the power of this uncommon land cycle. Daily Dose of Kaldheim #14 – New Uncommon Sacrifice Land Cycle

You are now set up with guides for the best commons and uncommons for your Kaldheim Prerelease and Limited play. Remember that these uncommons will make up most of the power in your deck, so choose wisely. Thanks again for reading Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease. Click the link below for Chapter 3 and the Kaldheim Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour.

Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Kaldheim Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Prerelease and Limited
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 - Guide to Playing Foretell
Chapter 5 - Guide to Building a Snow Deck

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