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Welcome back to Possibility Storm, the weekly MTG puzzle series available exclusively through MTGCanada and PossibilityStorm.com.

Here's one more puzzle just for fun before our next competitive season starts for Rivals of Ixalan on January 16. Check the Patreon for more details!

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Think you've got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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As always, there is only one way to "beat" this puzzle, and it's all about choosing the right card(s). Give them too many and they have a lot of tools at their disposal. Give them too few and we bleed ourselves to death.

Let's look at scenarios:

  1. Tear up both Blacker Lotuses, add eight U mana bonuses.
  2. Cast Squirrel-Powered Scheme, to power up the team.
  3. Cast the Lobe Lobber to avoid the Brain Robber. Equip to Earl of Squirrel and get ready to whirl.
  4. Tap Earl of Squirrel to ping the opponent. Make infinite squirrels thanks to squirrelink and this rodent. (Though your opponent is still at infinite life - call a judge if that causes strife.)
  5. Activate Cogmentor to move Neural Network to sprocket three. Crank Clock of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM! for a triggering spree.
  6. Steal Chicken Egg because it's the smallest. Get rid of your opponent's library because Mill is the ballest.
  7. Cast More or Less to make the Lawyer confess. Zero toughness is the crime, so it's SBA-graveyard time.
  8. Augment the Robo-, attached to the Horse. Pass to EOT for more trigger remorse.
  9. Flicker your Chicken Egg, sending it home. Ineffable Blessing triggers like a Jayemdae Tome.
  10. Your opponent must draw, but they're all milled out. The dead lawyer can't save them, so you've just won, no doubt!


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