Commander Mondays: Top 10 EDH Cards in Eldritch Moon


As with each set release going since Battle for Zendikar, I have done a list of cards that I find to be particularly great for EDH that are in Eldritch Moon. These are my personal favourites from the set, and are all cards that I would very likely play in the right deck.

As with past lists, I have not included Planeswalkers or Legendary Creatures that only function well as a commander, as they are rather obvious. I also normally don't include colour-fixing lands but (un)fortunately this set does not have any.

Here is my top 10 EDH cards in Eldritch Moon, in no particular order.

deploy the gatewatch

Cheesy as they are, I rather like superfriends decks. So as with Oath of the Gatewatch I was very happy to see the Planeswalker based archetype get a new toy this time around. Outside of superfriends this card is unlikely to see play, but it's good at what it does, especially if you combine it with effects like Lim-Dûl's Vault.

splendid reclamation

This card is bonkers, fans of my column may be aware that my first article was about Omnath, Locus of Rage, and this card has already been slotted right into the deck. It makes an excellent follow up to cards like Armageddon and Jokulhaups regardless of whether or not you were the one to cast the destruction spell. Titania, Protector of Argoth players are sure to love it as well.

imprisoned in the moon

People love to complain about how broken blue as a colour is, but in EDH mono-blue decks tend to suffer in the removal department. Giving the mono-blue player base a decent removal spell for once is sure to be very well welcomed by most players.

bedlam reveler

An excellent way for Purphoros, God of the Forge players to refill their hands. I'm sure this monstrosity will be welcome in any deck that goes hell bent quickly enough. I would have likely at least tried it in my Lyzolda, The Blood Witch deck if it were still put together.

selfless spirit

Had this card been spoiled when I wrote my Thalia, Heretic Cather article, I likely would have included it. Giving White Weenie EDH decks a way to stop a board wipe using a creature is very nice. Frontline Medic was never really good enough for the job, but I highly expect this little guy to see a great amount of play.


If people will play Cruel Edict, I'm sure hitting two or more other players for one more mana is pretty much better in every way. I, for one, would not play Cruel Edict in a deck, but I'm tempted to figure out room for this in a couple of deck lists I have.

thalia's lancers

White got a lot of EDH love this set, which is rare. A tutor to get one of a white players MANY legendary threats is pretty substantial, and can get pretty silly with Eldrazi Displacer.


With people scrambling to find a home for this card in every other format, it's no surprise that people expect it to be an EDH all-star. Personally, I believe most decks will prefer Natural Order but this card is not strictly worse, as it has a few applications that Natural Order can't do. Such as setting up combos that don't use green creatures.


Seriously, between this set and Eternal Masters, aspiring new EDH players may all just end up flocking to playing white decks of some kind. This card fills a pretty excellent role in both Equipment decks and Aura decks. It allows Uril, the Miststalker players to turn all of their enchantments into combat tricks, making it harder to plan for the attack. I'm sure Kemba, Kha Regent players will have a blast flashing and equipping one of the mythic rare Mirrodin swords to give protection from a blocker. This card is a much needed boon to decks that could really use it.


It's like Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, either with an upside or a downside depending on how your deck plays. I don't think this thing is going to make or break any decks, but I'm always pleased to see genuinely useful and balanced utility lands coming up from time to time.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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