April 12, 2021

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The Ultimate Guide to Strixhaven Limited and Prerelease

Welcome all to the Ultimate Guide to Strixhaven Limited and Prerelease. This is a four-chapter guide to help you prepare for everything related to limited play. From learning the best commons, uncommons from each colour to knowing which removal spells to watch out for from each colour. On top of that, I’ve got a guide to what to expect from Lesson spells and some deck archetypes for each college. I hope this helps you get prepared for what’s to come in this new season of Limited play for Strixhaven.

Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Limited and Prerelease

Chapter 1 will help guide you through the most plentiful cards in each pack of Strixhaven, the commons. Strixhaven is full of commons, including lots that play into some set synergies and strategies.

Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease

Chapter 2 will help guide you to figure out those 3 cards after the commons and before the rare, the uncommons. These uncommons will often be more powerful and more playable than some of the rares in your deck.

Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour

Chapter 3 helps you prepare for what to expect at instant speed from your opponent. Throw on top of that a slew of removal spells and you have a lot to learn from what Strixhaven has to offer.

Chapter 4 - Guide to Learn and Lessons

Chapter 4 helps you in learning each Lesson that is available for both yourself and your opponent. If they are playing a certain colour combination, what Lesson spells could they have and what Learn spells can fetch them.