March 29, 2017

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Possibility Storm: Aether Revolt Puzzle #4

Welcome back to Possibility Storm, the weekly MTG puzzle series, available exclusively through MTGCanada and

We hope you enjoyed last week's puzzle. We've got another for you today, so scroll down and have at it!

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Possiblity Storm - Aether Revolt Puzzle #4

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Think you've got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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  1. Use Aethertorch Renegade's first ability to deal 1 damage to a Dragonmaster Outcast, killing it. You have 1 energy remaining.
  2. Cast Press into Service, targeting Mirrorwing Dragon. Choose only Mirrorwing Dragon with the Support ability as well. Ensure that both Druid of the Cowl and Servant of the Conduit are tapped for mana to cast this spell. You have no energy remaining.
  3. Because Mirrorwing Dragon is the only target of the spell, it is then copied for each one of your creatures, with a copy targeting each of them. As discussed in the rulings below, this means that the initial use of Support is also copied. After Press into Service and all its copies resolve, you have control of Mirrorwing Dragon, and all your creatures are untapped and have one +1/+1 counter on them.
  4. Using Druid of the Cowl and your one remaining land, cast Highspire Infusion on either Zada, Hedron Grinder, or Mirrorwing Dragon. Either one will copy this onto each of your other creatures. Once all copies resolve, you will have an 8/9 Mirrorwing Dragon, a 7/7 Zada, Hedron Grinder, a 6/6 Servant of the Conduit, a 5/6 Aethertorch Renegade, and a 5/7 Druid of the Cowl (tapped). You gain 10 energy (and now have 10 energy.)
  5. Use Aethertorch Renegade's first ability to deal 1 damage to the other Dragonmaster Outcast, killing it. You have 8 energy remaining.
  6. Attack with your 8/9 Mirrorwing Dragon, 7/7 Zada, Hedron Grinder, and 6/6 Druid of the Cowl. Your opponent only has a 5/5 Dragon token remaining, and their best block still allows 7 + 6 = 13 damage to get through for lethal.


Does something needs clarification? Check out the official Rules and Assumptions to see if your answer lies within.

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