Daily Dose of Shadows Over Innistrad – Statistically Speaking


Welcome to Deckbuilding Week on the Daily Dose! We will be looking at what the Standard metagame will look like in a couple of weeks. With the rotation of Standard coming upon us, it’s time to see if any of the current Standard decks will be able to work post rotation. Today we are going to look at some of the best decks in current Standard and see if any of them will stand the test of time.

Percentage of Deck Remaining – 43/60 (71.1%)

With the main card name of this deck getting rotated out (Rally the Ancestors) and a crippled mana bases with 12 fetch lands rotating out, this deck will not be seeing play post-rotation with nothing being able to replace its main card.

Percentage of Deck Remaining – 32/60 (53.3%)

As you can see, almost half of this powerful deck is rotating out including more than half of its mana base. Playing four colours will be near impossible without fetch lands, so don’t expect to see this deck in the near future.

Percentage of Deck Remaining – 26/60 (43.3%)

This deck flourished thanks to the powerful Abzan cards available in Khans of Tarkir, such as Siege Rhino, Anafenza, the Foremost and Abzan Charm.  With all of those gone it will be difficult for Abzan to hit the same power level it did before.

Percentage of Deck Remaining – 48/60 (80%)

With only three non-land cards needing to be replaced (Wingmate Roc), there is a good chance we will be seeing Bant Company again post-rotation.  You will be able to replace fetch lands with both Port Town and Fortified Village. Thing in the Ice and Hanweir Militia Captain could come into the fold as well.

Percentage of Deck Remaining – 57/60 (95%)

Wow! Now this is a deck that could be seeing a lot of play post-rotation.  The three Tomb of the Spirit Dragons can be replaced with two Sea Gate Wreckage and one Westvale Abbey.  The rest of the deck could see some Shadows Over Innistrad cards put in it like Nahiri, the Harbinger.

Percentage of Deck Remaining – 36/60 (60%)

Once again, because this is a four-color deck, it will be very hard to play post-rotation without fetch lands. Also you are removing some key cards like Siege Rhino, Murderous Cut and Crackling Doom from the deck. We will not be seeing Mardu Green in the next few months.

Based on these results it looks like there are only two decks that will survive the rotation: Mono-Red Eldrazi and Bant Company. What will this lead to in the Standard metagame?  I believe we will see a lot of two-color decks come to the forefront, but because they have been used to a greater mana base because of fetch lands, it will be hard for a lot of players to get away from playing three and four colour decks, and that could hurt them again an aggressive deck waiting to pounce.

Thanks again for reading another Daily Dose of Shadows Over Innistrad as we are less than a week away from pre-release tournament at your local gaming store.  Come out often and enjoy the new cards!

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