May 26, 2020

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Commander's Brew Episode 247 - Vadrok, Apex of Thunder

Ikoria gave us a cycle of legendary creatures with a Mutate ability on them, and we set out to see if we could still use that to our advantage, without adding all the eligible Mutate cards to the deck. Because, frankly, a lot of the Mutate cards aren't that flashy in a game of Commander.

We took the Jeskai legendary, Vadrok, Apex of Thunder, and aim to Mutate it onto some sort of small (likely artifact) creature. For our "free spell" we get off the trigger, we can either bounce the whole stack to our hand and get some added bonus while we establish our board or later on, or we can Mutate onto some kind of creature that gets a power boost based on the number of artifacts we have in play. Spoiler alert, it's a lot of them! And maybe as our free cast, we can nab something for double strike so we can Voltron in and end the game for one of our opponents in one big swing.


Welcome to the Thunderdome

Commander (1)
Creatures (26)
Artifacts (17)
Enchantments (5)
Instants (6)
Sorceries (7)
Lands (38)