Daily Events

General Information

For all Daily Events (except for the $10 Booster Draft), Players are paid out based on their final record.

4-0-0 (12pts) = $16 Store Credit
3-0-1 (10pts) = $13 Store Credit
3-1-0 (9pts) = $10 Store Credit
2-1-1 or 2-0-2 (7-8pts) = $7 Store Credit
2-2-0 or 1-0-3 (6pts) = $4 Store Credit

Player of the Month Tournament

The top eight (8) players with the most Store Credit earned in Daily Events each month will be entered into our Player of the Month tournament. Equivalent Store Credit will also be awarded to the top players for the Thursday $10 draft (As if the event was a prize awarded event). The Player of the Month tournament is a single elimination tournament with FREE Booster Draft of the current format. The first place winner will be declared the Player of the Month and prizes for the Player of the Month tournament are as follows:

Winner receives invitation to the WizardTower.com Player’s Championship!

FIRST PLACE ~ $100 in Wizard's Tower Store Credit (in-store or online)
SECOND PLACE ~ $75 in Wizard's Tower Store Credit (in-store or online)
THIRD ~ FOURTH PLACE ~ $50 in Wizard's Tower Store Credit (in-store or online)
FIFTH ~ EIGHTH PLACE ~ $25 in Wizard's Tower Store Credit (in-store or online)

WizardTower.com Player’s Club Points awarded for POM Tournament

1st Place - 6 points
2nd Place - 4 points
3rd - 4th Place - 3 points
5th - 8th Place – 1 points

Click here for all the details of the 

Wizardtower.com Player's Club.

Player of the Month dates for all of 2017-2018 can be seen in our Events Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted have a variety of events to cater to the interests of all Magic Players in the community. There is also an increasing Modern and Legacy scene in the area that have been wanting more events.

All non-casual events count as long as it is a sanctioned 8-player minimum event, with a minimum of 4-rounds played for the event.

All entry fees from Daily Events are paid back into the Daily Events themselves.

Tiebreakers are broken by who has played the most tournaments. This is followed by who had the most 4-0 tournaments. If after this two players still remain, they will play a 1-game Standard Match to determine the winner of the spot. If three or more players remain, they will face off in a battle of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock. If players don't feel like playing this, there will be a random draw to determine who gets the spot.