2018 Player's Championship!

Date - Saturday Sep 8 2018 - 10am
Entry - 24-Player Qualification Only tournament

How to qualify?

4 spots – Winner of the four WizardTower.com Open Championships
12 spots – Winner of Player of the Month tournaments from September 2017 to August 2018
1 Spot – 2017 Player’s Championship Winner – Sep 9th 2017
Remaining spots (Minimum 7 spots, but more if players overlap from spots above) – Players with the most Player of the Month points from Apr 1st 2018 to Aug 31st 2018
Players have until end of day Sep 4th to confirm there spot in the tournament. If not it will be offered to the next player on the list until all 24 spots are confirmed.


Tournament One (All Players) - Rounds 1-3 Standard
Top 16 players advance to Tournament Two

Tournament Two (Points carry over from First Tournament) – Round 4-6 Modern
Top 8 players between all 6 rounds advance to Tournament Three

Tournament Three - Single Elimination - Core Set 2019 Draft - Each match Best 2 out of 3. Random Pairing for Draft, will sit opposite who you are playing.

Decklists for all constructed events must be given in before start of the tournament.

Prize Pool:

First Place

– WizardTower.com PREMIUM PLAY PASS

(Free entry into ALL Constructed Wizard’s Tower tournaments and $15 off of all Sealed/Draft events at Wizard's Tower)

Second Place


WEEKNIGHT PASS(Free entry into all constructed tournaments from Monday – Friday and $15 off of all draft events) or WEEKEND PASS - $15 off all Weekend tournaments


- $100 Store Credit


- $60 Store Credit


- $40 Store Credit

17th -24th

- $25 Store Credit

Prize is valid from Sep 10th 2018 - Sep 9th 2019


Player of the Month Points from Apr 1 2018 to Aug 31st 2018