Wizardtower.com 2017 Player's Championship!

2017 Player's Championship

Date - Saturday Sep 9 2017 - 9am
Entry - 24-Player Qualification Only tournament

How to qualify?

4 spots – Winner of the four WizardTower.com Open Championships
12 spots – Winner of Player of the Month tournaments from September 2016 to August 2017
1 Spot – 2016 Player’s Championship Winner – December 10th 2016
Remaining spots (Minimum 7 spots, but more if players overlap from spots above) – Players with Most WizardTower.com Player's Club points that haven’t already qualified from ways mentioned above


Tournament One (All Players) - Rounds 1-5 Hour of Devastation Sealed
Top 16 players advance to Tournament Two

Tournament Two (Records to this point are cleared) – Round 6-8 Hour of Devastation Draft - 2 pods of 8
2 wins or better advance. No ties, each match goes to conclusion. Ties decided by highest life total after 5 turns, or next life change after that.

Tournament Three - Single Elimination - Standard - Each match Best 3 out of 5.

Prize Pool:

First Place – WizardTower.com PREMIUM PLAY PASS
(Free entry into ALL Constructed Wizard’s Tower tournaments in 2017 and $15 off of all Sealed/Draft events at Wizard's Tower)
Second Place – WizardTower.com WEEKNIGHT PASS or WEEKEND PASS
WEEKNIGHT PASS(Free entry into all constructed tournaments from Monday – Friday and $15 off of all draft events) or WEEKEND PASS - $15 off all Weekend tournaments
Third-Fourth - $100 Store Credit
Fifth-Eighth - $60 Store Credit

Ninth-Sixteenth - $40 Store Credit
17th -24th - $25 Store Credit
Click here for all the details of the Wizardtower.com Player's Club.

Player's Club Year-to-Date Points

RANKINGSPlayerYear-To-Date Points
1Justin Hebert59
2Stephen Keeffe55
3Benoit Renaud48
4Andrew Noworaj40
5Andrew Burrows-Johnston39
6Cameron Ruether36
7Ethan Morrill35
8Ronald Mackenzie25
9Benson Lai24
10Adam Benn23
11Joey Hoffer23
12Tim House23
13Alex Battistelli22
14Curtis Toupin21
15Evan Berry21
16Guy Belley19
17Jacob Cailloux19
18Lorne Porter18
19Clive Littlejohn17
20Matt Lapierre16
21Louis Phillipe Dugal15
22Mike Brierley13
23Nick Wright12
24Ryan Prager11
25Robert McEachern10


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