Possibility Storm: Aether Revolt Puzzle #2


Welcome back to Possibility Storm, the weekly MTG puzzle series, available exclusively through MTGCanada and PossibilityStorm.com.

We hope you enjoyed last week's inaugural puzzle and have added our activity to your weekly schedule. We've got another one for you today, so scroll down and have at it!

Note: If anything in the puzzle seems ambiguous, a read through the official Rules and Assumptions should help provide some clarity.

Possiblity Storm - Aether Revolt Puzzle #2

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Think you've got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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1. Sacrifice an Etherium Cell to produce one black mana.
2. Cast Tezzeret's Touch, targeting your Electrostatic Pummeler.
3. Activate Tezzeret the Schemer's -2 ability, targeting the Pummeler. With four artifacts in play, it gets +4/-4 and becomes a 9/1.
4. Spend your three energy to activate the Pummeler's ability, giving it +9/+9 to become an 18/10.
5. Use four of the remaining five available mana to cast Yahenni's Expertise. The -3/-3 effect will kill all the Servos, and reduce the Consulate Skygate to -2/1, the Kessig Dire Swine to a 3/3, and your Pummeler to a 15/7.
6. Using the free spell casting effect from Yahenni's Expertise, cast Savage Alliance. Use your one remaining mana to Escalate it once, and choose the second and third modes. Deal two damage to the Dire Swine, and one damage to each opposing creature to finish them off.
7. Attack with your 15/7 Electrostatic Pummeler for lethal.

How did you do? Tune in again next Wednesday for the next puzzle in this series.

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Thanks and see you next week!

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